Reasons to visit Mukhteshwar

Reasons to visit Mukhteshwar

1. Breathe In Some Fresh Air Trekking is one of the most thrilling activities in Mukteshwar due to the varied topography, uncharted pathways, lush green woods, and small roads. Here, you can choose from easy to moderate hiking trails depending on your skill level and physical fitness. Most of them offer a delightful stroll in Mukteshwar's fresh air and don't require professional assistance. The Peora to Almora, Peora to Mukteshwar, Binsar to Artola, and riverfront treks are all well-known routes.

2. Best Paragliding with picturesque landscape How could you miss out on paragliding when you are at such a picturesque landscape? The majority of the time, it is provided as a component of a camping package, which also includes food, lodging, and a variety of exciting activities like kite flying, night hikes, and wildlife tracking. The whole price is about INR 5,000 per person. One of the best sites in India to try paragliding is here because expert instruction guarantees a smooth, risk-free flight above Mukteshwar's gorgeous vegetation.

3. Second Highest peak in India Nanda Devi – the second highest peak in India is visible from Mukteshwar mountain tops. The spellbinding view is accentuated by the orange and golden hues of the sunrise. One of the best experiences in Mukteshwar is witnessing the sun as it rises above the Nanda Devi peak and lights up the small hill station. Capture it in your video camera to relive this wonderful sunrise again and again.

4. Beautiful Temples near by There is something inexplicably charming about temples in the mountains, and Mukteshwar is no different. It is a small town with many age-old temples such as Shiva Temple, Rajarani Temple, and Brahmeswara Temple, which are popular among locals as well as tourists coming here for a weekend vacation. The most famous temple – Mukteshwar Dham is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, and Nandi. Temple visits are an essential part of sightseeing in Mukteshwar. Include these visits in your list of reasons to visit Mukteshwar while you connect with nature and the Pahari Gods!

5. Sitla - nearest hillstation. Travellers adore going to places like Sitla because it is such pure joy to explore the Himalayas in a unique way. Sitla is a picturesque hill station with amazing views of the snow-covered mountains and is sprinkled with many dense regions with oak and pine trees. If you see a stone bungalow in this area, don't assume it's a creepy haunted house; instead, it's a British-era property called Sitla Estate.

6. Best Time To Visit Mukteshwar - All seasons Any time of the year is the perfect time to visit Mukteshwar. While the winter season is the greatest time to visit if you love snow, the summer months are best for sightseeing. Average to heavy rainfall makes Mukteshwar appear greener and more beautiful during the monsoon season. But this is also the landslide season. So be sure to thoroughly research your destination before going.

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