Why Holiday home is a great investment

Why Holiday home is a great investment

India has always seen an inclination towards real estate as the most preferred source of investment. From renting out flats to purchasing lands for commercial rent-outs, real estate investment has always been seen as a security blanket and for social impetus. However, over time this trend has seen some shift as to what sort of real estate investments can be opted for. It has been observed that the city dwellers are now seen making investments in holiday homes, thanks to the ever-busy city life and a boom in the tourism sector. Indians are now seen traveling more than ever and with the pandemic at home, most people are now seen retiring to properties that have good amenities and are less crowded to endure a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Thus, holiday home investment has emerged as the hottest real estate investments in recent times. These holiday homes are generally a few hours’ drive from the actual homes and are mostly located in picturesque locations amidst hills or on beaches. These are second homes, which mean you would not be staying in 90% of the time, and during those times the property can be rented out, thus generating rental income and capital gains

Here are some 5 good reasons why to go for holiday homes investment

  • Good Investment Choice

The pandemic has made people retire in their abodes and with the never-ending lockdowns; a holiday home investment has become necessary more than ever. People are now looking for places or different holiday homes investment where they can have a holiday yet maintain safety and yes now the holiday homes in India just fits the bill. As more and more people look for properties offering a wholesome and safe vacation, generating holiday rental income through this investment is a golden opportunity. With the interest rates also following a downward trend, it is indeed the best time to do holiday homes investments.

  • Source of Income

Holiday homes in India need not be just a luxury symbol. They can also earn money for you, when not being used by you and friends/family; you can even earn holiday rentals. The income arising from such rentals could be used to offset maintenance costs. Also, it can be a great investment if it is bought in locations where the tourists’ influx is much such as #Goa or #Kasauli in Himachal. If your vacation homes boast of some wonderful amenities, then not just the tourists but it can serve the purpose to the locals too.

  • Use your holiday home and off-set the costs

The biggest motivator for investing in a holiday homes in India is that you can combine owning your dream holiday home with running a successful business and offsetting the cost of your holidays. It is highly recommended that one chooses a place where they would like to holiday themselves as a location for #holidayhome #investment

  • Return on Investment

A good location can earn you tremendous holiday home rental income more than a standard buy-to-let property. The short duration of tourist stays can generate heavy cash flows as you can charge a premium on rentals, especially during peak seasons. With the strategic location, the value of the property is sure to see worthy appreciation, a good combination of capital gains and rental incomes and this is one of the strongest reasons why holiday homes investment is booming.

  • Holiday home in India offers Overall wellbeing

Increased holiday homes investments are the ultimate proof that now people are on upward trajectory of mental wellbeing and vacation especially after stagnating during COVID-19. Holiday homes usually offer plethora of soothing and overwhelming experiences as they are away from the crowd and your day to day hassles. Investing in holiday homes creates mindfulness on how important is it to invest in your leisure lifestyle that ultimately leads to physical and mental wellbeing.

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