Workation From The Hills

Workation From The Hills

When planning a vacation, it's obvious that you'll want to just teleport to the destination without wasting any time, right? Well, until a teleportation device is invented, here's what you can do - road trips!

Goodbye Stress, Hello Peace - According to studies, living in the mountains is beneficial for your physical and mental health. Why not test this theory? Pack your bags and book a one-way ticket to your favourite mountain town today! Once you reach there you'll surely take in a breath of fresh air (quite literally). Welcome, you have stepped into a world where the air is clearer, the sky is brighter and the mood is better! Even when it's a Monday! Imagine working in a 'good mood'. Sounds like a myth? Not when the beautiful view of lush green mountains is waiting for you as you take your eyes off the screen. Aha! It's like a dream come true.

From barren deserts to swelling waterfalls and from snowy peaks to hot springs, our country is blessed with it all. And one can experience a subset of this very phenomenon throughout the state of Himachal Pradesh. Rivers, mountains, orchards, meadows, valleys and much more, you name it and you'll find it here. Just like the streams, get your creative juices flowing and like the vast mountains let your thoughts reach new heights as you relax and work from some of the most peaceful spots.

When was the last time you were alone with your thoughts? The meaning of solitude is completely different in the city than it is in the mountains. When you don't have to book an appointment for some 'me time' you know you're away from the city chaos. Even when surrounded by people, the calm vibe of the pahadi life simply cannot be replicated. While your hunt for some privacy from the crowds might be futile in the city, you find it easily when you're wandering among the rocky roads of the mountains.

Do you ever have scary deep thoughts but don't have the time to analyse them? Is your routine ‘eat sleep work repeat’? Well, this is a sign that you need to rethink the life you truly want to live. In a hurry to chase dreams that you once had, cross milestones that you once set and live a lifestyle that was once aspirational, are you really living or just existing? Spending time in the mountains helps you readjust your pace as time slows down and every moment holds a clarity that previously passed by in a blink. The hardships of mountain life give you a chance to rethink your priorities and reevaluate your goals.

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